How Often Do You Need to Repaint Your Home?
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How regularly do residential houses need to be repainted? This is a question that comes up a lot for residential painting companies in Alberta. However, the answer isn’t at all straightforward; in most cases it simply depends. As a homeowner, it’s your job to be mindful of the signs that may indicate that it’s time to start a repainting project. This is particularly the case when it comes to wall painting, given that they are often exposed to various things that can damage the paint.

Generally speaking though, if you have your interior painted by one of the professional residential painting companies in Alberta and take good care of the surface of the walls, the paint job can last 10+ years before requiring a repaint. Professional residential painting companies in Alberta like Doctor Repainting will use the highest quality paints, applying them evenly and ensuring the surface is adequately primed before beginning work. In comparison, rushed DIY jobs where the painter may not know exactly what they are doing may only last one year or less before cracks start showing up.

Of course, even if you or residential painting companies in Alberta do a perfect job, there are a lot of factors that may reduce the timeline, in some cases considerably so. From Doctor Repainting experts, here is a breakdown of two factors that affect the answer to the age old question mentioned above.

  • Which Room?

It is common that homeowners repaint rooms separately, not only because it more manageable but also because the timelines for repainting is often very different. The paint on the walls in hallways and corridors, for instance, is subject to more wear and tear than some other parts of the house. It can be worth keeping an eye on these walls as they may need to be painted frequently; every 3 years for instance. When you compare this to bedroom, which isn’t used nearly as much, you may find that the painted surface looks the part for twice or three times as long.

  • Sun Damage?

This is actually a big factor when you’re talking about multiple years, although it’s not something you can easily protect against. Sun damage will inevitably fade the paint on your walls in places and rooms that are exposed to it throughout the day. This tends to happen slowly and gradually but can damage your walls quite considerably in some cases. It can be a good idea to get into the habit of making good use of your blinds or curtains during the summer months in particular.

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